Adonyi Welding Consultants

Yoni Adonyi Ph.D., P.E.

Adonyi Welding Engineering Consultants has been registered in the State of Texas since 1997. Professor Yoni Adonyi is the Principal Investigator and a registered Professional Engineer in Texas. He has been consulting in expert witnessing in structural failures for over 20 years, providing metallurgical analyses for welding and joining quality improvements, as well as product development. He has also provided short instructional courses in welding both in the United States and abroad for companies such as Square D, Thermatool Corp, US Steel, Trinity Industries, AKT Materials, LeTourneau Technologies, Caterpillar R&D, and others. Prof. Adonyi recently became a Fellow of the American Welding Society, Class of 2015. As well, the breadth of Dr. A's expertise is well reflected by the two patents he co-authored, one in the 1990s related to traditional steel manufacturing and the second in the 2010s in a cutting edge technology serving the electronics, defense and aerospace industries (Patent 1, Patent 2).
Dr. Adonyi has recently become Professor Emeritus and moved to Budapest, Hungary, where he will teach part-time at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He will be available for consulting and short-term training in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

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Industrial Consulting


Familiar with most well-known, as well as new, welding processes gives an edge on easy diagnostics of welding problems and quick corrective actions. Still, Adonyi has found that design and inspection changes are always needed to correct root causes, hence close cooperation with Purchasing, Design, and Q&A are necessary to implement positive changes resulting from these analyses.

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Short-Course Training


Adonyi is Able to teach equally well at several levels of expertise, from the manufacturing floor to design offices and R&D labs resulted in good knowledge retention. While most of his publications focus on hydrogen induced cracking of high strength steels, he has successfully taught courses on Aluminum, Titanium and Stainless steel welding.

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Expert Witness        


Adonyi specializes in objective and competent technical assessment of the problem from both sides and advising on the merit of each argument. Having a Texas PE license since 1997 allows him to be a credible and acceptable expert in State courts. He has a history of easily explaining complex information to a non-technical audience.

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